After a while without paying attention to the website, here are some updates:

  1. We have created a joke with people’s fake tours. I hope it was understood. The fact is that Funebre Devastation we have been (and continue to be) very busy with the dates we are giving. You can follow us on social networks, which is updated more often.
  2. For the more experienced, you will have noticed the absence of Valandro on the live shows. This is because he is not going to be part of the band anymore. After a year working together, we have seen that there is no compatibility with the Funebre Devastation discipline. We wish him all the best and we believe that it will be the case, as he is a guy with outstanding talent for the 6 strings.

We have tried other friends on guitar, but we think that for now we are going to continue as a trio. What’s more, we have started writing the new album and for now we don’t need anyone else.

Erun // Funebre Devastation

Pic by Sonia Toledano